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I finally did it! The second installment of the Montana Series was published today. 
Click here for the print version and enter the code QR4X7KTG for a $2 discount.
Click here for the ebook version.
The ebook will be promoted from January 27 through February 2 on Amazon and will be offered at a discount. I recommend the print version; Jennifer Golan's cover is beautiful. 
I would love to hear from you so please email me or publish a review on amazon after you finish reading the book. Enjoy!

Many of you have been waiting patiently so this is for you! Bound is available on Amazon as an ebook only. In January, 2014 the traditional book will also be available. As always, the details will be published here first, so stay tuned. 
Here is what you can expect:
The ebook version of Bound will be for sale on Amazon for $3.99. In a few days (as soon as the ebook is published world wide) I will have a countdown deal available for the purchase of Bound. It will begin at $.99, then move slowly up in price until it goes up for it's listed price at $3.99. 
Hopefully by then the book version will be available.

I planned to have Bound out in October but technology has not favored me this year. I won't bore you with the details, but it's taken some time to iron out the glitches. The good news is Bound should be out in 2013, hopefully in time for Christmas. When I have an exact date, I will post it here.

Bound will be available here, on my website, first. So those of you chomping at the bit, keep watching because it's coming! 
Bound, the second novel in the Montana Series, will be released in October, 2013.

I asked my facebook fans, twitter followers, and those who subscribe to my RSS feed to vote for the cover. This cover won in a land slide!

Thank you all!

Now it's up to you, my readers and fans to choose which cover I will use for Bound, the second book in the Montana Series! Which cover do you like best? Which cover draws your eye and your attention?
Click here to vote!
I plan to release my second novel and the second installment in the Montana series, Bound, in October 2013.

The second novel was harder to write than the first. Leaning just fell out of my head. Bound did not. Since I published my last blog post in January, I have completely rewritten the entire novel. I deleted characters, changed the voice, changed the plot, and even changed the killer. 
All the work paid off, though. Bound is a much better story and it stays true to your favorite characters. 

The First Step
Stay tuned for the cover vote! The very talented Jennifer Golan is creating the cover for Bound, just as she did Leaning. She will send me two options within the week. Once I receive the two cover options, I will upload them and let you choose which one I will use. Please vote, share and encourage your friends to vote, too.

Are you ready?
The Story
I sent Bound to my editors this week and it will be released in Spring 2013. Once the editing fairies have time to finish the content read, I will make the necessary changes, and we move to completing the grammar check and finalize the novel. When I have a more concrete release date I will print it here, so stay tuned, but I am hoping for a release date in March or April of 2013.
The Chapters
I think every writer, and as someone once pointed out even artists, contract a creativity block. So I sometimes need ideas when I write. Last year, I requested a Collection of Funny, Family Sayings from my facebook fans and friends and I'm happy to report many of them made it into Bound. I used some of the ideas in the actual story but other sayings are now the chapter titles. Did you submit one?
The Cover
When I published Leaning, Jennifer Golan created some cover rough drafts. I just couldn't choose so I uploaded my favorite two cover options and I put it up for a vote. The tree garnered the most votes and it graces the cover of my first novel, Leaning
Jennifer is now working furiously on cover options for Bound. I received six possiblities last week and managed to narrow it down to two. (Have I mentioned how talented, Jen is? Some of the covers were so striking I wanted to hang them on the wall.) Once she has two roughs of the prospective covers, I will upload those covers here, to my website, and put it up for a vote. The cover with the most votes will be the one I use for Bound.
My next post should be the announcement of the vote on the cover for Bound. See you then! 
J.W. Swartz
I tried the experiment, and I believe it failed miserably!
In July, I discontinued my enrollment in Kindle Select, and I published with Smashwords. Smashwords takes the ebook and formats it for several other ebook sites including, IPAD, Nook, Sony, and many others. While this seemed like a great idea, diversifying and increasing availability in different formats, the intended result did not occur.
My sales on Amazon plummeted. Unfortunately, I'm also not selling any books on Barnes and Noble, iPad etc. The screen shot I've included shows Leaning on Barnes and Noble. I've experienced no sales and there isn't even one review in three months.
I hope to have Bound out in the next few months, and I have some decisions to make. So here's a question to my readers: how important is it to you to see Bound on Barnes and Noble or for your iPad? If you want it in those formats, speak now because unless there is an overwhelming response, I'm going back to Kindle exclusively on November 1, 2012.
All my novels, present and future, will be available in print format so those of you who prefer the traditional novel, there's no need to worry! What do you say readers?
I recently found the George Carlin bit featured in Leaning. I hope you like it as much as I do!