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Huh. That's about all I have. No great words of wisdom because let's face it, it's just me. Here's how this happened, or a part of it at least.
The week between Christmas and New Years the Kindle version of Leaning was ranked on the Amazon paid list at over 240,000. Yep, 240,000. Toward the end of that week, I signed up for the KDP Select program, which allows Prime membership holders to borrow kindle books, receive free second day shipping etc. A perk to signing up for this program is a promotion on Amazon, contingent upon offering the novel for free for a few days. I set the days as 1/10/12-1/12/12. My novel hit number one in Free Literary Fiction by 7:00 pm MST yesterday. It remains there today.
What does this mean? So far, over 13,000 people have "purchased" the kindle version of the book as of today. While I made no money at all, I officially have a readership. What else does this mean? I have absolutely no clue! I do have some questions:
1) Will this translate? Will the high ranking remain the same when it goes from free to paid on Friday? I'm guessing not but we will see.
3) Will I gain more reviews on Amazon? I sure hope so but stay tuned.
2) Will my brain come back? Not sure. In case you didn't notice, I just typed number 3 before number 2...a possible side effect illustrating how full my sometimes feeble brain currently feels.
4) Ha! I got the numbering right! Even if the answer to number 1 is no, will the book be easier to find? Boy, I hope so because it took an act of god to find it before this promotion.
So you may receive a few extra blog posts in the upcoming week. I will post my free chapter tomorrow or Friday and then some extras as we will follow this crazy process.
5) At what rate, if any, will Leaning sell on Kindle after this promotion?
Now see, I just added number 5 after my closing, Like scarecrow, I really do need a brain...
Leaning at #1 on Amazon


01/11/2012 18:01

I am so proud of you! I don't care what the numbers are number one in MY book:)

I can't wait to see more chapters of book 2! I can't imagine loads of people won't get in and post a review.

I'll be watching and waiting. In the meantime, don't forget to CELEBRATE!!!!

01/12/2012 08:43

Thanks, Jen! I should have more chapters to you soon. We need to chat since I can't remember what you already read and what you didn't!

01/13/2012 06:02

One of your new readers (Ahem, that would be me) would like to know when the next book comes out! I am also hoping we will hear more from Sammy and Maggie, because I abslutely fell in love with them and am dying to know what happened next :)

Kelli Osborne Ronish
01/13/2012 07:50

I picked up your book when Amazon offered it as a freebie. I couldn't put it down! It is a wonderful book and I can't wait to read what happens next in Sammy and Maggie lives! Yep, I am hooked. :)

01/13/2012 08:13

Thanks you so much! The soft date for the second novel is summer 2012. Even though the preview of the second does not include Sammy and Maggie, the book definitely does so stay tuned! If you pop me your email, I will include you on my update list. My email is

01/13/2012 08:15

I'm thrilled you enjoyed the read! If you email me, I will add you to my list and let you know the launch date for the second novel! I would also love some more reviews on amazon, if you find the time!

09/27/2014 14:31

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